Original design Shuswap Life decals. Made from permanent vinyl with clear UV protectant vinyl top layer. With proper care permanent vinyl should last 3-5 years outdoors.


Measures 9.3" x 3"


All items are made to order (in a dog friendly home), please note that this means a processing time for creating decals of 3-5 business days prior to shipping. Once shipped, shipping times may vary and is out of our control. 


*colours may vary due to differences in monitors settings/resolutions*

Shuswap Life Decal

  • *Note: Do not apply to cold surfaces, it will affect decal adhesion. Recommend applying in a warm (but not hot) environment or heating the surface with a hair dryer slightly before application. The decals do not have a carrier transfer sheet, the decal surface is as you see it* 

    1. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol
    2. Peel off paper backing partially or entirely, whichever you are more comfortable with to apply decal.
    3. Carefully place the sticky side down onto the surface by slowly applying and smoothing from one end to the other.
    4. When in place use a credit card/popsicle stick and gently smooth down. (Note: this is the surface of the decal there is no transfer paper layer on top, if you want to avoid scratching surface, cover with parchment paper, or decal backing before rubbing)
    5. If any bubbles in decal smooth towards outside edge of decal (bubbles may dissipate over time, can gently pin prick tiny hole in any large bubbles and gently push air out)